• Disability and Mobility

    What is a disability? Can anyone really offer a comprehensive list of every issue that is likely to manifest as a disability? There are attempts to do this in government, but that list hardly reflects the entire human condition. Read more

  • Reports Suggest Commission Demands More: ICOMP Response

    The Wall Street Journal and other news outlets are this evening reporting that the European Commission may require Google to provide further concessions in the on-going antitrust investigation. Read more

  • CEPIC Congress 2014 in Berlin

    The CEPIC Congress was held this year in Berlin, a city of many contrasts. Read more

  • Will the new legislature 2014 - 2018 bring an EU copyright reform?

    New legislature: 2014 -2018 an EU copyright reform New European Parliament And why CEPIC should be active. Read more

  • The new pioneers

    The image industry once had a pioneer status. That era has gone by now. Read more

  • S*** happens

    This blog collects funny and less funny stories from the picture business. Read more

  • Congress 2014: Speaker of the Day - Prof. Dr. Jan Bernd Nordemann

    Jan Bernd Nordemann is a partner of the German intellectual property law firm BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT and works at its Berlin and Potsdam office, where he specializes in copyright, trade mark, unfair competition and anti trust law. He will speak at both the Google and social media workshop. Read more

  • Congress 2014: Speaker of the Day - Paul Keller

    Paul Keller, copyright policy advisor and vice-chair of Kennisland, an Amsterdam based think-tank focussed on innovation in the knowledge economy, will be speaking at the workshop for cultural heritage libraries. Read more

  • A collective management scheme for search engines?

    In France, Senator Phillipe Marini has introduced a bill at the Senate allowing for a collective management scheme to be put in place for images referenced by image search engines. Read more

  • Congress 2014: Speaker of the Day - Mary Forster

    Mary Forster, Sr. Director of Search Strategy for Getty Images, will be speaking at the IPTC Metadata Conference. Read more