• ICOMP Statement on European Parliament’s Resolution

    “Given Google’s dominance in search and search advertising, and its persistent discrimination against rivals in downstream markets (such as video, maps, comparison shopping, travel, local etc), it is unsurprising that critics are concerned by what economists describe as ‘vertical leveraging’. Read more

  • What to think of the Orphan Works Database?

    On 27 October, the European Observatory of IPR and Piracy announced the launch of the EU Orphan Works Database, based in Alicante. Read more

  • Bing Widget Up-Date

    The BING Widget issue has found a provisonary "Happy End". Microsoft has removed the Widget and disabled the supporting code.Getty's prelimary injunction has been denied but only on the face of Microsoft good will. Read more

  • Internet : A Cultural Dumpster?

    The BBC reported that millions of historic images have been uploaded onto Flickr and are distributed for free. This sheds a new wave of anxiety amongst Fine art & Archiv libraries. CEPIC took the time to take a deeper look behind this evolution to find out what it truly holds. Read more

  • Taking Action

    About August 22nd Microsoft/Bing released the beta version of an image widget which lets websites embed panels of images from the Bing search engine. Several commercial websites have implemented the widget, infringing on the copyright of the photographers. Read more

  • Disability and Mobility

    What is a disability? Can anyone really offer a comprehensive list of every issue that is likely to manifest as a disability? There are attempts to do this in government, but that list hardly reflects the entire human condition. Read more

  • Reports Suggest Commission Demands More: ICOMP Response

    The Wall Street Journal and other news outlets are this evening reporting that the European Commission may require Google to provide further concessions in the on-going antitrust investigation. Read more

  • CEPIC Congress 2014 in Berlin

    The CEPIC Congress was held this year in Berlin, a city of many contrasts. Read more

  • Will the new legislature 2014 - 2018 bring an EU copyright reform?

    New legislature: 2014 -2018 an EU copyright reform New European Parliament And why CEPIC should be active. Read more

  • The new pioneers

    The image industry once had a pioneer status. That era has gone by now. Read more