Congress Programme

Mass Digitisation of Cultural Heritage

Jun 23. 2010

10.06.2010 / Aviva Stadium

14:00 – 16:00 h

Mass Digitization Programmes such as the Google Book Registry and its European response Europeana, will affect the way picture agencies sell pictures in the future. Two videos cover the panel.

CEPIC - Mass Digitisation of Cultural Heritage from REELDEALHD on Vimeo.

CEPIC - Mass Digitisation of Cultural Heritage (part II) from REELDEALHD on Vimeo.

They also offer new opportunities to picture libraries, for example through governments funds for digitization or special new ventures.

This panel, moderated by international IP specialist, Prof. Dr. Thomas DREIER, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany), will present an international overview of the situation, CEPIC's work and present initiatives.

Speakers include :

  • Nathalie DOURY (France), General Manager of Parisienne de Photographie(www.parisenimages and Roger-Viollet), France, on digitization of photographic cultural assets
  • Peter KROGH (USA), ASMP, on the project of the Library of Congress and the photographers'class action against Google in the USA
  • Susan O'MALLEYGoogle on the Google Book Registry
  • Angela MURPHY (UK), The Image Business, on the European Digital Library and Europeana from a User's perspective, a critical review
  • Sylvie FODOR, CEPIC, on how picture libraries are affected, CEPIC's position and work in 2010 as well as prospects in 2011

Chatham House Reporting Rules
Google requested Chatham House Rules for their session.
This means that although Journalists are allowed to attend the session, they are not allowed to report on the session.